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640-17.jpeg创意设计事务所 | 开放的文化 | 全球机遇

Creative design studio | Open culture | Global opportunities

HASSELL consistently offers internship opportunities to university students majoring in Interior Design and Environment Arts Design as a way to cultivate new professionals. The opportunities are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students who wish to pursue a career in design and become an integral part of our successful design team. HASSELL provide professional one-on-one mentoring in order to assist intern students working within the company’s team on project investigation, planning, discussion, creation, revisions and presentation throughout the various stages in our projects.

About you

  • You are a senior, second-year or above student studying Landscape Design, Architecture, Urban planning or Interior Design in a major college in China or overseas

  • Skills in AutoCAD, Sketchup (or Rhino), Adobe Suites (InDesign, Photoshop) Microsoft Office and through a combination of the above produce innovative graphic content

  • English Proficiency

  • Good professional capability with design drawings production capability; possessing a clear mind and strong sense of responsibility; you will be creative, proactive in work and can work within a team

  • Internship period: 3-6 months (No less than 3 days a week). 

Apply now by sending your application to 
interns@hassellstudio.com with the following subject line - 
For more information please visit careers page on our website: 


HASSELL长期为相关专业在校大学生提供实习岗位,作为专业储备人才培养。主要专业涉及室内设计及环境艺术。主要面向致力于想要从事设计工作并成长为公司设计骨干的在读本科/硕士生。 公司将安排专业设计师一对一指导,帮助实习生与公司团队一起全程参与项目调研、策划、讨论、设计、修改与汇报。


  • 海外与全国重点院校景观建筑或城市设计等学等相关专业本科3/4/5年级或硕士1/2年级

  • 专业水准优良,有较强的设计制图能力;思路清晰,敬业负责,工作中具有创造力、主动性和团队合作精神

  • 熟练掌握AutoCAD, Sketchup (or Rhino), Microsoft Office and Adobe Suites等设计软件; 并能综合运用以上软件实现制图创新内容

  • 能较熟练地进行英文交流

  • 实习期限: 三至六个月; 实习时间: 全日制(每周不得少于三天)。

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