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Everyone who want to enjoy life marrow with heart is being influenced by the pure attitude of ‘broken,rejecting and leaving’ in the modern materialistic society. Life will be closer to happiness infewer and fewer objects in which anxiety and chaos can be sorted out, and the most cherished matters in soul can be explored.


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The mother nature appears when luxury is faded, that is the contemporary mood narrated by our landscape language. In the Linyi CIFI,Rencent·GongYuanJinLi, traditional aesthetics is combined with modern lifestyle, ‘college’ as the pointcut, transfer complexity to simplification, creating a journey from poetic dwelling for spirit to a high-grade modern life scenario.

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It is an eclectic innovation to have a pure artistic combination of line and plane, as well as an experiment to redefine the value of ‘simplification’ with massivevisual impact.

结合项目地“蒙之山· 沂之水”的城市文化背景,我们提取出位于项目附近最具盛名的古迹,鲁东南地区最高学府:琅琊书院的精神片段,重新置入当代人文精神与生活之中,以现代简约的设计手法,将大美隐于城、乐居于山水的书院生活在当代重现。

We extracted spiritual fragment of the highest educational institution which is a famous historical site near the project: The Langya Academy on southeast of Shandong,to put into contemporary people’s spirits and lives by blending the local urban cultural background of ‘Mount Meng & Linyi Water’. With the help of modern simple design strategies, we revived the college life of ‘beauty in city, Lohasin landscape’ in nowadays.

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In overall planning of the demonstration area, four spaces of door, hall, tower and pavilion are unfolded in order, with the axial symmetrical subject of the traditional college spatial layout: the first door space is etiquette, the second axis space is order, the third hall space is harmony and the fourth garden space is happiness. Refer to the process of traditional academical culture of ‘civilized courtesy’, progressive spatial logic is worked out.Landscape space of ‘modern college’ is completed via reviving traditional college space array by up-to-date design strategies.

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The gate design was inspired by paper folding art of the college and Mount Meng in modern design language. Large-scaled polyline linked to the bounding wall, and strong visual impact was created by the lengthened integrative landscape interface, which had the effect of iconic landscape entrance with artistic recognition. Limitless imagination of life is contained by the pure white which looks like a paper that can be shaped and exerted informally.

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The final presentation was contributed by a mass of bevel design, with shadow changing and angle varying in a limited range and repetitive consideration. In order to overcome difficulty on plane joint and have an unmixed view, much attention was paid to hide the seams between planes.

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After the visual impact, elegant flavour can be lightly conveyed by the detailed elements. Relaxing rhythm of knocking on the gravel by the linear cascade near entrance touches auditory sense; Delicate grilles drawout the building essence of Langya Academy, shyly waiting for appreciation from visitors; White walls are geometrically cut into shadowed pieces to show the dancing trees and blooming flowers.

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 A scroll of life is being unfolded incidentally, to begin a real conversation with the soul.

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The reappearance of ‘Linyi Water’ is the vivid mirror-like water feature with ritually arranged tree pools on both sides inthe second axis space landscape. 

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With tender breezing, the hazy tree shadow and constructions are displayed on the layered ripples; Guided by books and water,it is able to realize the inner calmness and real feelings.
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In the generally ethereal clean context, unique aesthetic feeling is abstinently conveyed by the landscape, without anything tedious and repetitive, but the thinkable spatial landscape. It tells the metaphor of steady life attitude with no contending,meeting the spatial tone of ‘spiritual peace’.

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Path under feet straightly points to the building, weather scenes behind can be the same as expected to push confusions from the luxury world aside, and be back to theinner tranquility?

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There will be the third and fourth spaces for activity exhibition and exquisite inviting once stepping into backyard through the building, which is also the extending of ‘YiMeng’ scenes near dwelling. On the platform, various lively fawn sculptures ‘playing’and ‘growing’ in the forest. It is the continuous spread of urban green incommunity, and even the sustaining development of deep dreamland in there ality.
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In the context that surrounded by nature, it is easier to get close to own heart. Thinking is surged while sitting peacefully, reading, smelling, and the real precious matters seem to be called out.

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We keep searching for freedom, but get kidnapped by the subcelestial desires, that is the reason why a quiet space is needed to let soul well subside. Give your love to the ‘very important person’ by emptying the room and reducing meaningless social communication......provide enough space for the precious things, chilling outand enjoying.

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With the performance of modern techniques, a ‘broken, rejecting and leaving’ of landscape architecture is assuredly carried out and put into contemporary humanism and lifestyle, picking the progressive relationship and poetic segment of traditional college space to perform a spiritual journey with modern characteristics: while stepping into anunknown realm, have a bare honest dialogue with heart.

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There must be something eternal which is valuable to seek for, without confusions and troubles, what your most precious thing will be?










| Project Information

Project Name: CIFI,Rencent·GongYuanJinLi
Entrusted Owners: CIFI YST Group
Landscape Design: S.P.I Landscape Group
Project Location: Linyi,Shandong
Design Area: 4000㎡
Design Time: 2019.01
Built In: 2019.05

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